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Pharmaview Sense

Data Subscriptions

All your data in one place

With one or more of our data subscriptions, you gain acces to all the pharma-related data you need via one portal. View your industry from the inside with workable and relevant data packages covering the most common user needs.

Pharmaview Sense lets you dive deep into relevant data via a levelled approach. Begin with a general overview and click your way into increasingly more detailed insights.

Types of data and access to it depend on which subscribtion you choose. Standard data dimensions include:

  • Products – Information on medicine and branded goods
  • Categories – Data from WHO’s ATC system – and more
  • Geography – National, regional, bricks, mini-bricks, and account-level data (i.e. pharmacy or hospital)
  • Time – Date by year, quarter, month, week or day

Make use of our expertise

We develop and adjust data subscription regularly to cover industry trends. If our standard subscription packages don’t meet your needs, our in-house data scientists can create unique insights and tailor-made solutions with relevant sources and data.

Signum consultants are available to help you better understand and get the most value from your data subscriptions. Feel free to get in touch.

Sales data in Pharmaview Sense

Data at the level of granularity
you want

National sales data

Get a complete overview and assess your market position and stay regularly updated on the general market

Regional sales data

Monitor your market with data on hospitals, pharmacies and retail on specific areas

Account-level data

Get information on a defined pharmacy or hospital with data broken down by product sales data by individual pharmacy

Choose your data subscription

All Pharmaview Sense data subscriptions are developed based on industry-specific requirements. 

Which data subscriptions that will be right for you depends on how you want to use data in the strengthening of your business. It also depends on who in your organisation will be using data and for which purpose.

Therefore, the subscriptions – separately or together – meet a wide set of requirements to data driven insights.

Get data driven results

  • Analyze the market potential before launching a new product
  • Give your consultants a tool that complements their day-to-day sales efforts
  • Get insight and overview for long-term strategy planning
  • Follow up on expected sales concerning tenders and chain agreements
  • Monitor market developments and modify your pricing strategy appropriately

Access and understand relevant
industry insights

See the big picture, and dive into details if you want to learn more – be prepared for fact-based decision-making

Save time with quick overviews of relevant topics – get the information you need, when you need it

Focus on the facts that affect your business – have confidence that the data you use is reliable and relevant 

For more information, please contact

Jonas Arentz Bach

Team Lead Sales, Senior Consultant


+45 40 417 546