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What we deliver

Performance Management

Our solutions provide the insight and overview of your markets at the depth you need, when you need it.

Market Access

Market entry preparation is critical to your success. The Nordic region is a highly regulated and tax paid on/off market.

Advanced Market research

Good market research starts with asking the right questions, and Signum will help you to dig deep for answers.

Real World Evidence

The launch of your new medical product doesn’t mark an end to your work – it’s just the beginning.

Jonas working on a sales project on his computer at Signum's office

Performance Management

Empower your sales team with knowledge

Do you need constantly updated information to define and follow up on your sales targets? Our data coverage and analysis tools are built to support your need for high quality and timely data. Subscribe and receive exactly what you need, when you need it, in the right format for you.

Market access

Set the right scene

To solve pricing and market access challenges while improving patient access to your products, you need to understand the changing Nordic health system landscape. We can help you with data supported analysis and extensive hands-on knowledge of the dynamics, methods and requirements relating to market access matters in the Nordic countries. 

Christine working on a Real-World Evidence project at Signum’s office

Søren talking to a customer on the phone at Signum's office

Advanced market research

Let insights drive business

To compete in an ever changing and highly competitive market you need a nuanced understanding of the market dynamics. By blending advanced data science with qualitative research, we can provide you with a concise understanding of what your business is facing. Pair this with advice, prognoses and/ or forecasts, and you’ll have the information you need to successfully support tactical and strategical market initiatives. 

Real world evidence

Improve with data samples

Combining data from large samples of everyday clinical practice with data gathered in controlled clinical trials, will result in a comprehensive understanding of treatments or diseases. These insights can be used to improve patient outcomes, win payer acceptance, speed up time to market and/or response times.

Mikael participates in a Market Acceess meeting

For more information, please contact

Jonas Arentz Bach

Team Lead Sales, Senior Consultant


+45 40 417 546

Jonas Bach, employee at Signum, Head of Sales

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