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What does the future hold for phama? At Signum, our skilled data science team uses best-of-breed technologies to lift our customers’ businesses.

Our masterminds have decades of experience, in-depth knowledge of the Nordic markets and we often challenge ourselves to cut through the complexity to find the solutions you need for sound decision-making.

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Advanced Market Research

10 min read

Unlocking omnichannel’s potential in pharma

In the retail sector, the adoption of omnichannel strategies has reshaped customer experiences – so, putting aside the different regulatory and compliance settings between pharma and retail –pharma companies can gain valuable insights from retail’s efforts in the field.

Market Access

10 min read

Supercharge Your Success: Unleash Launch Acceleration

In terms of introducing new medicines to the market, the pharmaceutical industry and healthcare sector has a shared need for time-cost efficiency to get the most value for money. Yet, healthcare often also demands an increased amount of caution and vigilance. This creates a divergence between two contradictory ways of thinking in terms of optimizing time, money and other resources spent in the launch and implementation of a new medicine.

Market Access

10 min read

Innovation is also about challenging your own processes

The framework and opportunities for market access are changing, and this places great demands on knowledge and competences in the industry.

But what does the challenge look like from the inside? And what can the industry do? We asked Lars Møller, Country Manager, Managing Director, Pfizer Denmark & Iceland and 2nd vice chairman of Lif’s board of directors.

Uncover critical market dynamics

5 min read

The role of nurses is changing

Nurses are an increasingly important stakeholder group for pharma in the Nordics because their role is in transition. Thus, pharma needs deep insights into the clinical context in which nurses work to understand their needs, aspirations, and roadblocks to the best support in their work.

Advanced Market Research

15 min read

Where is the patient’s preference?

In a pharma context Patient Preference is defined as the patient’s experience of a treatment or drug. This data is seen as particularly useful in evaluating patients’ perceived risks and benefits of a medical treatment.