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It is fundamental for Signum that insights generated in our research and projects become part of the open, shared body of knowledge on which the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors advance. On this page you find examples of such projects.


Our research-based projects are often carried out in collaboration with authorities, universities and other research organizations. This broadens our understanding of the societal context of pharmaceuticals and sharpens our knowledge of new scientific methodologies and technologies. All in all, through our private-public collaboration Signum helps create those synergies that result in better care for patients.

Authorised Access to the “Forskermaskine”

Signum is authorized by Statistics Denmark and the Danish Health Data Authority to access data on the “Forskermaskine”. This means that our research activities, knowledge of data security and registry data have been officially approved. Consequently, we are able to gain access to microdata for the projects we solve.

Medical adherence to glaucoma treatment

In collaboration with AbbVie, we conducted a study based on Danish real-world data to investigate the predictors of adherence to glaucoma treatment, long-term adherence patterns, and long-term economic consequences of poor adherence.

Long-term insulin treatment of Type 1 and 2 diabetics

Analyzing statistical data from the Danish Health Data Authority to map T1D and T2D treatment with basal insulin: The types of drugs prescribed for new patients, and the number of changes in drugs.

Nordic research collaboration – IBD study

Signum participated in a Nordic collaboration coordinated by Oslo University with the purpose of mapping treatment of patients suffering from inflammatory bowel disease with biological drugs.

Modelling Cost Efficiency of Biological Treatment

Signum participated as supervisors for a thesis (University of Copenhagen, Department of Public Health) to model cost-effectiveness of biological treatment of inflammatory bowel diseases.

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Analysis

On behalf of GSK, we conducted a real-world data analysis of COPD on different aspects of treatment and the patient journey in Denmark. The most frequent treatment was found to be triple therapy.

Real World Data Study of ADHD-patients in Denmark

On behalf of Medice Nordic Denmark ApS, Signum conducted a real-world data (RWD) analysis of the trends in the medical treatment for ADHD.
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RWE Analysis of cost of medicine for adults with ADHD

Signum conducted a real-world data analysis of adults in stable treatment with ADHD medicine in order to explore the characteristics and cost of medicine for adults with ADHD.

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