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This Cookie Policy applies to the website signumlifescience.com.

We use cookies and similar tracking technologies on signumlifescience.com for the purposes stated in this policy.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small datafile that is saved on your computer, tablet or mobile phone. A cookie is not a program that can contain harmful programs or viruses.

Cookies are then sent back to the originating website on each subsequent visit, or to another website that recognizes that cookie. Cookies on this site may be delivered in a first-party or third-party (set by another website) context.

Why the website uses cookies

We use cookies for multiple purposes. Cookies can help us get an overview of your visit to the website enabling us to continually optimize and adjust the website to your requirements and interests. We also use cookies to target our ads to you on other websites. On a very general level, cookies are used in order to show content that is as relevant as possible to you.

Processing of personal data by using cookies

This website uses cookies which may lead to the processing of personal data. We recommend that you read our privacy policy, which describes our processing activities and your user rights.

The cookies used on this site

Essential cookies. These cookies are essential for enabling user movement around our website and providing access to features such as login and member-only resources. These cookies do not gather information about you that could be used for marketing purposes or statistics. This category of cookies cannot be disabled.

Analytics cookies. We use Google Analytics cookies to collect information about how visitors use our website. These cookies collect information to give us insight into how our website is being used. We record IP addresses and user behavior in Google Analytics, and the data is transmitted to and stored by Google on servers in the United States.

Functional cookies. We use Hotjar cookies to record information about visitor mouse-movement across the site. The information is aggregated into ‘heatmaps’ giving us insight into visitor navigation on the website. The data is transmitted to and stored by Hotjar on servers in the United States.

Marketing cookies. We use Peytz cookies to collect information about website users and their activity on our website. We integrate our website with LinkedIn analytics and marketing tools. We share information about your behavior on the website with LinkedIn, with the purpose of showing you relevant marketing and articles on the LinkedIn platform. The data is transmitted to and stored by Hotjar on servers in the United States.We use Peytz cookies to collect information about website users and their activity on our website.

How to control and delete cookies

Using our Cookie Consent Tool. Our Cookie Consent Tool can be used to customize your cookie preferences. The tool will record when and what you have consented to. The consent tool specifically controls the analytics, functional and marketing cookies used on our website. Essential cookies cannot be disabled, nor can the tool be used to block cookies on third-party websites linked from our website.

Using your browser. The cookies used on our website and through emails can be enabled or disabled through our Cookie Consent Tool or by disabling the cookies directly in your browser. To disable cookies through your browser, follow the instructions usually located within the “Help,” “Tools” or “Edit” menus in your browser. Please note that disabling a cookie or category of cookies does not delete the cookie from your browser unless manually completed through your browser function.

If you know which browser you are using, click the relevant link for further help:

Remember: If you are using several different browsers, you must delete cookies on all of them.

How long are cookies saved?

How long cookies are saved on your device can vary. The time when they are scheduled to expire is calculated from the last date you visited the website. When cookies expire, they are automatically deleted. You can se details on each cookie expiry under “View details” in our Cookie Consent Tool.

Do you have questions?

If you have any questions or comments in connection with this information and/or our processing of personal data or cookies, you are welcome to reach out. You can send us an email on info@signumlifescience.com

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