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Advanced Market Research

The ‘what’, ‘why’ and ‘how’ of your market

Good market research starts with asking the right questions, and Signum will help you to dig deep for answers. We help you to get the insights you need to make the changes you want. It all starts with an exploration of what is the core of the issues you are facing – and which questions to ask.

Powerful questions • Strong insights

Know more,
plan better


Investigate and describe what determines your market situation.


Explore critical market dynamics and understand why your market develops as it does.


Determine how you can wisely move forward based on your new insights.

Find your business source • Explore gaps • Plan your initiatives

Examples of business scenarios where insights matter:

From challenge to insight

Whether you need new operational solutions, or you have decided to take your business to the next level, actionable insights will support your next move and help you design and implement changes that give significant business results.

Build your business case

Starting a new business? Looking to expand your existing business into new therapeutic areas? Want to revitalise an old brand? Regardless of your next step, big decisions need to be made that will impact your business. Create a business case with insights that empower your decisions.

Develop your brand

We recommend an HCP/patient-centric approach when exploring the perception of your product. This kind of insight gives a strong starting point for working proactively with your positioning and creating a stronger brand position for your product.

Mikael participates in a Market Acceess meeting


Building a commercially viable model for digital health

To enable Medice to build the business case for a new health app in Scandinavia, we combined market, HCP, payer, and patient perspectives and demonstrated opportunities in this immature market.

Fit for purpose studies

Data driven qualitative insights

We design and execute research projects exactly suited to your challenges and opportunities. Combining our vast sales statistics with real world data and qualitative insights, we deliver precise analyses and valuable insights that help you develop your business.

Consultants look at graphs with real-world evidence

“My perspective on insight generation combines two lenses: One takes a curious approach to stakeholders, decisions, and possibilities in the Nordic healthcare systems. The other seek to understand how pharmaceutical companies are organized, go-to-markets and innovate to re-invent themselves.”

Søren Esben Hansen

Chief Advisor, Team Lead Advanced Market Research

For more information, please contact

Søren Esben Hansen, employee at Signum, Chief Advisor Team Lead Advanced Market Research

Søren Esben Hansen

Chief Advisor, Team Lead Advanced Market Research


+45 20 570 670

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