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We help life science
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Our commitment to making an impact

At Signum, our purpose is clear:  

We understand that every day, lives depend on bringing innovative pharmaceutical solutions to the market, safely and swiftly. And we go to work to help life science companies succeed at this: 

By finding and analyzing the right data and transforming them into insights that our customers can put into impactful action. 

What we do: Pharma’s best friends before and after product launch 

Getting pharmaceutical products to the market and into the clinic is increasingly complex. It requires superior planning and flawless execution from several years before product launch and continued efforts post-launch. We know the challenges that life science companies face and have solid experience in providing solutions. 

A wide consultancy and solution portfolio: Everything driven by data, but not for data’s sake 

We understand that solid solutions and advice must build on data, whether it’s health registry data, qualitative research data, sales data, small data sets, unstructured data – you name it.  

Our team wields a diverse set of tools, spanning from anthropology to health economics and data science, to analyze this data effectively. What truly sets us apart is our deep understanding of diseases and the pharmaceutical industry’s business models and framework conditions. This ensures that we tackle the challenges that matter most to you. 

Sales Performance
Plan and monitor your sales efforts 
  • Insights and overview of your markets at the depth you need: By regions, hospitals, indications and more. 
  • Unique dashboard data views: Based on the widest possible range of pharmaceutical sales data in Denmark and the Nordics, updated daily. 

Market Access
Better advice, better preparation
– better market entry 

Navigating the intricate landscape of market access is vital. We have the expertise to help you gain entry and thrive in the market. 

  • Experts in building successful HTA applications, tenders and pricing.​ 
  • Guidance in navigating processes and gate keepers in the Danish Medicines Council and across the Nordics. 

Advanced Market Research
Better insights, better decisions
– better patient treatment 

Our in-depth market research capabilities empower you with the knowledge needed to make strategic decisions. 

  • We ask the right questions, uncover market dynamics and help you predict market development. 
  • You get better insights for market entry preparation, HCP and patient preferences etc.

Real World Evidence
Significant data for significant insights 

Harness the power of registry data to inform your strategies and enhance patient outcomes. 

  • Document treatment impact for authorizations, HCP dialogue etc. 
  • Our research is based on a unique data access to Forskermaskinen  
  • Nordic studies through collaboration with Medaffcon

Omnichannel in real life
Know the preferences of each HCP and customer trends
  • Give HCPs what they really want. 
  • Meet Kwarts: An AI-based tool to deliver concrete recommendations for the next best action for your sales force and marketing teams. 

Data Science
No magic – just smart insights and predictive power 

We leverage cutting-edge data science techniques to derive meaningful insights and drive informed decision-making on e.g.: 

  • Price prediction, patient potential, Danish Medicines Council decision making and Key Opinion Leaders’ influence patterns. 

We know how to make your data reveal answers to the questions, you didn’t even know you should ask. 

A human-centric approach: Significant data for significant people 

While our expertise rests on data, we put human impact first. This commitment extends to our approach to our customers and to the healthcare providers and patients the industry serves. We understand the responsibility we carry in contributing to the healthcare ecosystem: It’s not just about numbers and analytics; it’s about improving lives. 

Need clear examples of what we can help you with?

How about cases that document what other companies have gained from collaborating with us?

If the cases don’t quite match your challenge, get in touch and we will tailor-make a solution for your organisation.

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