Smarter Pricing

Your tool for strategic and data-enriched pricing

Pharmaview Pricing is the optimal tool for strategic and data-enriched pricing. You get online access to the most relevant and recent data from “Taksten”, all in one place, allowing you to continuously follow the consequences of your own as well as competitors’ pricing strategy for products sold in the primary pharmacy sector.

Streamline your pricing process

Pharmaview Pricing allows you to strengthen your pricing routines and makes the ongoing analysis more efficient, thus saving you time. At the same time, the process becomes more transparent, which makes it easier for you to involve approvers or delegate parts in the pricing efforts.

Predict. Compare. Decide.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could predict price changes in “Taksten” or monthly tender and act accordingly? Now you can! 

Our Price Prediction module is your tool for strategic and data-enriched pricing. Using machine learning it datalyzes sales data and competitor’s pricing, enabling even more strategic analysis of “Taksten” for making accurate and smart choices when setting prices.

The benefit? You will get an excellent overview and a competitive lead. The Price Prediction module is available for Danish and Swedish markets.


“Pharmaview pricing equals smarter pricing for optimal use of resources and more efficient analysis and pricing processes”

Jonas Arentz Bach

Team Lead Sales, Senior Consultant

Sharper pricing in shorter time

Benchmarking with industry standards and getting a total overview increases the likelihood of successful strategic pricing

Easy reporting to ”Taksten” and multiple predefined reports from each “takst”-period

Align resources to correspond with the product portfolio and avoid that one or more pricing opportunities are excluded

Predict Compare Decide

Data-enriched pricing


Predict bi-weekly price changes in “Taksten” and act accordingly


With the Price Prediction module you can datalyze your sales data and your competitor’s pricing


Make accurate and smart choices when setting prices and get a competitive lead

For more information, please contact

Jonas Arentz Bach

Team Lead Sales, Senior Consultant

+45 40 417 546