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National sales data

Monitor sales at national level

Get a full overview of your total sales at a national level with our National data subscription. Through comprehensive data on hospitals, pharmacies and retail, you can monitor market development and detect changes in your products or competing ones.

Whether you want to launch a new product or create an extensive new campaign, sales data enhances your decision-making process. Evaluate the market situation, monitor development over time, and base your market initiatives on thorough analyzes. When you make data-based decisions, you can closely follow the results of your approach and react quickly to market change.

Know your market position today – and tomorrow

With a full market overview, you will be armed with information on market fluctuations that require your attention and action. Use this knowledge to quickly detect the effect of your – or your competitors’ – campaigns – and more.  With a keen eye on sales developments, you will be prepared to make necessary adjustments to maintain or expand your position in this highly competitive market.

The National data subscription includes all ATC codes for this year and the past five years. The tool also allows you to monitor total sales of pharmaceutical products in the Nordics (no geographical sub-division) and categorize data by hospital, pharmacy or retail. It’s particularly useful for businesses focused on the primary sector, where pricing is vital. Importers of generic drugs or parallel importers with few products can significantly benefit from this continuous overview of national sales development.

Comprehensive solutions

Enhance your decision-making process


Assess your market position and stay regularly updated on the general market.


Analyze the rationale for your marketing decisions and know the market before you enter with market forecasts.


Reinforce your budgeting process, report on KPIs and follow up on bonus targets.

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Søren Hvidsten Nielsen

Senior Consultant


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Did you know…

70 % of our clients with a basic subscription also subscribe to national sales data