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Sales data at
pharmacy level

Simplify an increasingly complex market

Dive into details with an Account Data subscription, a database that includes product sales data by individual pharmacy. The good news is that there is an increasing number of Danish pharmacies that can sell your products. The not-so-good news is that it’s getting harder to keep track of them all. With Account data, you can aggregate your sales data to specific pharmacies, and see data by region or pharmacy chain as well as your sales force district. Identify patterns and home in on pharmacies and pharmacists that show the most potential.

Strengthen your dialogue with local pharmacist

Account data gives you the information you need to meet local pharmacy personnel at eye level and have relevant conversations about their specific needs. Whether it’s a follow-up sales meeting with a pharmacist, chats with counter staff, or talks with product representatives, Account data helps adapt your sales pitch to meet the needs of those you want to target.


Real-time campaign insights

Prioritize your sales efforts and follow up on your campaign targets with the insights found in Account data. Get an indication of how your campaign might go before the launch by viewing data on which pharmacies have ordered your products and stocked their shelves with them. When your campaign is live, you can follow real-time pharmacy sales numbers, including re-purchase rates.

Databased action plans

Empower your sales

Sales statistics

Gain in-depth knowledge of sales developments at the pharmacy level

Own products

Assess new product availability before campaign launches

Every pharmacy

Measure sales success with data on re-purchase rates

With Account data you can make data-based action plans that will help you prioritize your sales efforts, strengthen your dialogue with pharmacies as well as measure the efficiency of sales campaigns”

Anette Erenbjerg

Senior Market Specialist

Anette Erenbjerg, employee at Signum, senior client service specialist

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